How Do Rent Late Fee Class Actions Work?

At The Monts Firm in Austin, we file class actions against landlords who charge late fees that are excessive under Texas law. If your landlord has charged a rent late fee for being only a few days late, there is a good chance the late fee violated Texas law.

What Is a Class Action?

A class action is a procedural device that allows one or more tenants to pursue legal claims for themselves and in a representative capacity for a class of similarly-situated tenants who have suffered the same alleged harm.

A typical tenant claim for an unlawful rent late fee might only involve a few hundred dollars, making it inefficient and non-cost-effective to hire a lawyer and litigate a case in court. By combining the claims of hundreds or thousands of tenants who have suffered the same or similar harm, a viable claim can be litigated efficiently against a common defendant or group of defendants.

Attorney Britton Monts pioneered tenant class actions in Texas based on excessive rent late fees.

For More Information About Rent Late Fee Class Actions

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