Apartment Parking Rules and Towing

Towing is something many apartment renters know about. It can be frustrating and expensive. What you might not know is that there is a law that regulates parking and towing policies at apartment properties in Texas.

If a landlord fails to comply and wrongfully tows a car, the affected tenant can recover all towing and storage costs plus a $100 civil penalty and attorney fees. Also, the landlord is liable for any damages to the tenant's vehicle caused by the negligence of the towing company used by the landlord.

Generally, a landlord with vehicle towing or parking rules must provide all such policies to the tenant in writing along with the lease, and the tenant must acknowledge receipt in writing.

If a landlord changes the vehicle towing or parking rules or policies during the term of the lease agreement, the landlord must provide written notice of the change to the tenant before the tenant is required to comply with the rule or policy change. The burden of proving compliance with the law is on the landlord.