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Landlord-Tenant Late Fees

It's unfair for landlords to charge a large rent late fee for being a day or a few days late in paying rent. It also may be illegal under Texas law. If your landlord charged you an excessive late fee, you may be entitled to compensation of up to three times the amount of the late fee.

At The Monts Firm in Austin, we file civil claims on a class-wide basis against landlords who charge unlawful rent late fees. In a class action, many similar claims that are too small to pursue individually are grouped together for efficiency. We handle late fee cases across Texas, including Austin, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Antonio. Call 512-474-6092 for a free initial consultation.

Attorney Britton Monts and his co-counsel, Martin Weber of Crowley Norman LLP, have recovered sums totaling millions of dollars for thousands of Texas apartment tenants who have been charged fees and surcharges alleged to be excessive and unlawful.


Class Actions

In class action litigation, the claims of thousands (even millions) of individuals are consolidated into one case. The individual claims may be too small to pursue alone. Class actions allow people to band together and hold companies accountable for harming many people in ways that involve too small a sum of money to justify separate claims (like wrongfully charging thousands of consumers small fees - fees that add up to millions of dollars for the company). Britton Monts has served as class counsel in numerous class action lawsuits. This experience allows him to efficiently evaluate potential class claims and pursue the good ones aggressively.

Death and Catastrophic Injury Claims

We have extensive experience representing people who have suffered life-threatening injuries and the families of people who have died as a result of others' negligence. These cases are one of the most important events in our clients' lives, and we treat them with the seriousness and compassion they deserve. Our trial experience and innovative approaches have allowed us to obtain substantial settlements and recoveries for our clients many times.

Complex Civil Litigation

The Monts Firm has broad experience handling and trying complex civil cases, allowing us to deliver results for our clients regardless of the subject matter involved. We pride ourselves in handling cases that are difficult, novel and important. We accept the challenges and complexities these cases present because we are committed to excellence in our practice. We have proven results to back it up. From oil and gas and real estate issues to employment benefits disputes, we are ready to help our clients achieve the best possible results.

Oil and Gas Litigation

Britton Monts has extensive experience handling oil and gas litigation, much of it involving mineral owners with claims for underpayment of royalty on oil and gas production and oil and gas lease disputes with companies that lease their mineral acreage. Mineral owners and investors often are unaware of the creative and aggressive practices by some oil and gas companies to avoid or reduce royalty payments to landowners. We also have experience handling oil and gas class action lawsuits. These cases are used to bundle numerous claims of a similar nature by mineral owners or working interest owners, particularly where the individual claims are too small to justify a separate lawsuit. This is an effective way to force an oil company to compensate mineral owners and working interest owners for underpayments.